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Old Kingdom necropolis discovered in Sakkara

Old Kingdom necropolis discovered in Sakk
trefwoorden: Egypte - Sakkara - graftombes - oude Koninkrijk
A new cemetery containing a number of rock-carved tombs of senior temple officials from the Old Kingdom (2400-2100 BC) has recently been discovered in Sakkara.
The excavation team from the French Institute of Eastern Antiquities made the find while working at the western side of south Sakkara.
The first tomb excavated belonged to the priest Haunefer who worked in the funerary temple of Pepi I, the second king of the 6th Dynasty.
Supreme Council of Antiquities Secretary-General Zahi Hawass said that the priest, his wife Khotie and their 12 children are shown in relief paintings on the wall of the tomb, Which have so far preserved their beautiful colors.

Lees verder bij: Egypte State Information Service (9 oktober 2003)