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Was this an Iceni warrior?

Was this an Iceni warrior?
trefwoorden: ijzertijd - romeinse tijd - opgraving - potten - wapen - vuursteen - skelet
Just under the surface of the forest floor, among the twisted tree roots, a young man's body has lain undisturbed for 2000 years.
The skeleton of a muscular 30-year-old, who could have been an Iceni warrior, was found buried face down in earth that was part of rich Fen lands and now is behind the fortified fence of an American base.
These human remains are only one of five that have so far been unearthed during a dig that has produced remnants of buildings, pottery, animal bones and flint tools, dating to between 2500BC and 410AD.
Archaeologists say finds made at the 25,000 sq m site at RAF Mildenhall reveal significant detail about how different peoples co-existed in the turbulent times of the late Iron Age and early Roman era, when the conquerors brought their new culture and religions into the country.

Lees verder bij: EDP 24 News (10 oktober 2003)