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Attempt to smuggle Buddha's statues foiled

Attempt to smuggle Buddha's statues foiled
trefwoorden: Afghanistan - Boeddhabeeld - smokkel
The customs department has foiled an attempt to smuggle statues of Buddha, stolen from Bamiyan province of Afghanistan during the rule of Taliban, official sources told Dawn here on Tuesday.
The smugglers wanted to send the Buddhas' statues of Gandhara period and other antiques to Switzerland in the 60 fit container from the Peshawar Dry Port, Customs Superintendent Abdul Majeed said.
The World Plus International, Peshawar, on Monday delivered wooden boxes to Mehran customs clearing agency showing them old furniture for its shipment to Switzerland, he informed.
The customs officials on suspicion opened the boxes and after thorough checking recovered the Gandhara period statues, he said.

Lees verder bij: Dawn (8 oktober 2003)