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Ancient tombs reveal Bronze Age civilization

Ancient tombs reveal Bronze Age civilization
trefwoorden: ItaliŽ - necropolis - bronstijd - 15e/12e eeuw BCE - Po
Archaeologists could soon unveil the social structure of a mysterious Bronze Age civilization from northern Italy, according to ongoing anthropological and archaeological research.
The study centers on a large necropolis discovered in the Casinalbo village near Modena. Dating between 1500 and 1200 B.C., it consisted of more than 2,000 tombs belonging to the people of the "terramare" ó prehistoric flat-topped mounds left by a Bronze Age pile-dwelling settlement built on dry land.
"No necropolis of this size and age has been found south of the River Po. So far we have brought to light about 400 tombs. They are cremation tombs and contain cinerary vases, often decorated with geometric patterns," project director Andrea Cardarelli, professor of prehistory and proto-history at Modena University, told Discovery News.

Lees verder bij: Discovery Channel News (6 oktober 2003)