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Minoan Ship Replica To Sail Seas

Minoan Ship Replica To Sail Seas
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A Greek admiral is realizing a dream to build the world's only replica of the Minoan ships that some 3,500 years ago helped the ancient civilization win dominance over the seas and travel as far as Asia and Africa.

Since no wreck of a Minoan ship has ever been found, Apostolos Kourtis has had to start from scratch, relying on ancient drawings and using the same methods as the Minoans who lived on the Mediterranean island of Crete from around 3000 B.C.

With no wreck to provide a model, his four-strong team had to turn to historical sources for help. Frescos unearthed in excavations on the nearby volcanic island of Santorini proved valuable it is believed that the eruption of Santorini in Biblical times extinguished the Minoan culture.

The 56-foot long and 12-foot wide ship with its round-shaped trunk looks like a traditional fishing boat as it emerges in a dockyard in the Cretean city of Chania. It is due to be launched for the first time on Dec. 1. ...

Read more at Discovery Channel (october 3, 2003)