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The search for Atlantis 'ends at Ayia Napa'

The search for Atlantis 'ends at Ayia Napa'
trefwoorden: Atlantis - Cyprus - onderwater archeologie
may be the answer generations of experts on the ancient world have been looking for. New research claims that the fabled ancient civilisation of Atlantis is located close to Cyprus.
After nearly 10 years of research using ocean mapping technology and accounts from ancient texts, an American explorer says he has evidence that Atlantis lies beneath the deep blue waters off the southern tip of the island.
Robert Sarmast, a self-proclaimed mythologist and expert on the ancient world, makes this claim in his book, Discovery of Atlantis - The Startling Case for the Island of Cyprus, published last week in America by Origin Press.

Lees verder bij: Telegraph (28 september 2003)