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Study: Andes mining began 1,000 years ago

Study: Andes mining began 1,000 years ago
trefwoorden: Bolivia - zilver - mijnen - 11e eeuw
A study of sediment from a lake in the Andes Mountains suggests that people living nearby were mining and using silver 400 hundred years before the Incas began smelting the precious metal in the 1400s.
The study, appearing Friday in the journal Science, found evidence that silver was mined from a rich belt at Cerro Rico long before the Incas controlled the area of what is now Bolivia.
"Although legend attributes the discovery of silver at Cerro Rico to the 11th Inca ruler... in the mid-15th century, our data suggests the deposit was known and exploited ... as early as the 11th century," the researchers report in Science.

Lees verder bij: CNN (27 september 2003)