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Britain BC: Life in Britain and Ireland before the Romans

Britain BC: Life in Britain and Ireland before the Romans
trefwoorden: UK - Ierland - pre-romeinse tijd
Given the popularity of archaeology as a television spectator sport there is a surprising dearth of readable and authoritative books on the prehistory of Britain.
The problem, I suspect, is that the subject matter is growing so rapidly, and interpretations change so fast, that most practitioners are frightened off. Not so Francis Pryor, whose idiosyncratic book Britain BC, perfectly fills the gap.
As a practising archaeologist of long-standing, Pryor is well aware of the difficulty of dealing with archaeological data. He is sceptical of smart generalities and fashionable interpretations and readily admits to being bored by the trivialising detail that can so often obscure the excitement of the story. And it is the story of human endeavour that is his driving theme - beginning with the handful of hunting groups that roamed the land half a million years ago, and ending with the densely settled landscape of Britain on the eve of the Roman interlude.

Lees verder bij: New Scientist (24 september 2003)