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Rivergate dig reveals signs of village

Rivergate dig reveals signs of village
trefwoorden: VS - Rivergate - Chinook - dorp
An archaeological excavation in North Portland is uncovering tools and other signs of a Chinookan village thought to have existed from about 200 to 600 years ago.
Archaeologists are exploring two 6-foot-deep trenches that have been dug between the Columbia Slough and North Lombard Street near the entrance to the Rivergate industrial area.
Artifacts exposed in the dig include projectile points and two antler-bone wedges that probably were used to split cedar planks for Chinookan houses, said Richard Pettigrew, an archaeologist with Cascadia Archaeology and leader of the project. Archaeologists also have uncovered sculpted stone mauls that could have been used for driving the wedges or to pound stakes.

Lees verder bij: Oregon Live (24 september 2003)