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Top 10 New Testament archaeological finds

Top 10 New Testament archaeological finds
trefwoorden: bijbel - nieuwe testament - vondsten
How do shrouds, boats, inscriptions, and other artifacts better help us understand the Christ of the Ages?
Mention archaeology to most people and they think of dramatic finds of artifacts that confirm or confute some cherished belief about antiquity or ancient history.
The truth about archaeological explorations, however, is somewhat less dramatic and much more mundane most of the time. Rarely does one find something that relates to a specific person or a specific event. Most of the time one must be content with helping fill out the picture of the social world or context of some part of the ancient world—evidence of how people lived, what burial customs they followed, what sort of houses they built, what sort of artisanship they showed. This is why some have said that archaeology is the study of durable rubbish.

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