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Young elegance restored

Young elegance restored
trefwoorden: Egypte - middeleeuwen - 11e eeuw - Bab Zewaila
The 900-year-old Bab Zewaila -- one of the mediaeval walled city of Cairo's main gateways -- has been restored and turned into an open-air museum. Nevine El-Aref attended the inauguration.
The magnificent mediaeval gateway of Bab Zewaila was designed to withstand invaders but had never actually been tested in battle. Now that the 900-year-old honey-coloured edifice has been restored and inaugurated, tourists will soon be descending upon it from all nations.
The gate is located in the heart of historic Cairo at the junction of Al-Mu'ez Street and Darb Al-Ahmar. "After five years of hiding behind scaffolding, piles of sand, and workers who were polishing and strengthening its walls," said Culture Minister Farouk Hosni at the inauguration of the site on Sunday, "Bab Zewaila has finally been restored to the elegance of its younger days."

Lees verder bij: Al Ahram Weekly (18 september 2003)