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What could triple grave find mean?

What could triple grave find mean?
trefwoorden: Engeland - Lincolnshire - Angelsaxen - driedubbel graf- 5e eeuw
Archaeological experts are describing the discovery of three skeletons in a shallow grave near Lincoln as 'one of the most significant Anglo-Saxon discoveries made in our county'.
Here Ben Rooth finds out more about the importance of the find...
The truth surrounding the death of the county's own warrior queen will possibly never be known.
When the six foot tall "Amazonian" died around 1,500 years ago, it could have been through natural causes or she could have perished by the sword.
But one thing seems certain. By virtue of the fact that she was buried with a shield and dagger it seems probable that she was a high ranking member of society. And she was almost certainly involved in conflict.

Lees verder bij: Lincolnshire Echo (20 september 2003)