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Roman artefacts dug up from housing site

Roman artefacts dug up from housing site
trefwoorden: Schotland - ijzertijd - oven - romeinse tijd - kamp
Future residents of a Kintore housing development will be able to chart the lives of the people who lived there thousands of years before them, after experts uncovered evidence of past settlers at the site.
An archaeological dig at the site of the new Stewart Milne Homes' scheme at Deer's Den, off Forest Road, has uncovered remnants dating back 6,000 years to Iron Age and Roman times.
The artefacts will be excavated and recorded and could end up as museum pieces.
Bread ovens and evidence of a cremation are among the finds uncovered by a team of archaeologists at the site.

Lees verder bij: The Press and Journal (20 september 2003)