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'Human figure' found at floodworks site

'Human figure' found at floodworks site
trefwoorden: Engeland - Somerset - bronstijd - hout - beeldje
An insight on life 3,000 years ago has been provided by archaeological remains found at Hillfarrance, including what is thought to be a carving of a human figure.
Archaeologists, working on behalf of the Environment Agency to investigate the site of the new flood defence scheme, were surprised to find a pit at the boundary of what is thought to be a prehistoric field system.
They were even more taken aback when excavations of the pit revealed pieces of pottery, burned stoned and worked wood, including part of what may well be a human figurine.
The figure, about 45cm long and 12cm in diameter, consists of a forked piece of oak, shaped with a bronze axe, marks of which are still visible on the wood.
Only the lower limbs and torso of the model have survived the test of time - it was found with the legs driven into the base of the pit.

Lees verder bij: Wellington Weekly (17 september 2003)