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Valuable Sumerian relic recovered in Iraq

Valuable Sumerian relic recovered in Iraq
trefwoorden: Irak - SumeriŽ - relikwie - 1200 BCE - Lady of Warka
The Lady of Warka, one the two most precious relics looted from the Iraqi National Museum in the chaos that followed the April 9 fall of Baghdad, has been recovered by U.S. soldiers and Iraqi police.
So the head of Iraq's Antiquities Department said on Thursday.
The 3,200-year-old artifact, which is a representation of female face, was found buried in an orchard on the outskirts of Baghdad after the Antiquities Department was tipped off by people who had reported seeing it there.
"The Lady of Warka was one of the most important antiquities stolen when looters broke into the Iraqi Museum. Many people in Iraq and in the world will be delighted with its return,'' Jabir Ibrahim, head of the department, said.

Lees verder bij: Guardian Unlimited (18 september 2003)