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Archaeologists tout major find in Tyre

Archaeologists tout major find in Tyre
trefwoorden: Libanon - Tyrus - romeinse tijd - tempel - zonnegod
A Japanese archaeological mission engaged in the excavation of Tyre’s historical past for the last three years has discovered what could be the temple of the sun god once worshipped by the Romans.
The archaeologists found a temple topped by a circle which depicts the sun. Small cultic figurines were found at the site, but as yet, no large statue has been found.
Many of the Roman gods worshipped in the Eastern Mediterranean were identified with older, Phoenician gods, and their worship was frequently conducted on the sites of older temples. The Phoenician sun god was called Melqart, or Baal, which simply means lord. Melqart was the patron god of Tyre and its famous colony Carthage, situated in what is now Tunisia.

Lees verder bij: Daily Star (18 september 2003)