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Roman aqueduct repair work to start

Roman aqueduct repair work to start
trefwoorden: UK - Dorchester - romeinse tijd - aquaduct - 1e eeuw
Two thousand years after it was constructed, builders have finally been called in to do a bit of repair work on Dorchester's Roman aqueduct.
The aqueduct, which carried water from a source near Frampton to the centurions, patricians and plebeians of Durnovaria - present day Dorchester - is finally starting to show its age.
Erosion scars on the aqueduct, which is between Poundbury hill fort and the Dorchester bypass, will mainly be repaired using chalk and turf.
One area that has eroded badly will be fenced off for several years to stop cattle from grazing the area and allow natural turf regeneration.
Work will be carried out by Dorset County Council's conservation ranger team, in co-operation with the Duchy of Cornwall, which owns the land, and English Heritage, which will be providing the funding.

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