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This underground world tells tales of the city

This underground world tells tales of the city
trefwoorden: AustraliŽ - Sydney - huis - 18e eeuw
Archaeologists working in the city centre have uncovered remains from some of Sydney's earliest houses, possibly dating back as far as 1788 or 1810.
Wendy Thorp, who heads the four-month dig, said the archaeologists had been surprised by the extent of the remains, which included substantial remnants of houses from every decade from the 1830s to the turn of that century.
The degree of preservation had been unusual. Up to two storeys had been uncovered in places because, when the Harbour Trust cleared the area at the beginning of last century, it built a retaining wall and simply filled behind it.
"So in places there is quite a lot left. You can see whole rooms and doors," Ms Thorp said.
The site is bounded by Sussex, Kent, Erskine and Napoleon streets. Along the Sussex Street side houses of brick and stone, as well as a laneway, have been uncovered, representing "a whole, living environment".

Lees verder bij: Sydney Morning Herald (13 september 2003)