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Hellenikon yields ancient graves

Hellenikon yields ancient graves
trefwoorden: Griekenland - Athene - vliegveld - begraafplaats - 4e eeuw BCE
Excavations at the former Athens airport have revealed 150 graves and afamily enclosure with marble funerary stelae dating back to the 4th century BC.
An ancient cemetery boasting 150 graves and an ornate family enclosure decorated with sculptures has come to light at the old Athens airport at Hellenikon.
The former Olympic Airways maintenance station where the graves are located, is currently being turned into a tram depot - yet another Olympics-related project. With the dig running parallel to - and at a stone's throw from - the worksite's frenzied rhythms, evidence from inscriptions found at the adjacent open-air space where the family enclosure (peribolos) was uncovered, point to the cemetery's belonging to the ancient district (deme) of Euonymon.

Lees verder bij: athens News (5 september 2003)