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Could gold be gift from Caesar

Could gold be gift from Caesar
trefwoorden: Winchester - goud - ijzertijd - romeinse tijd - Julius Caesar
History experts believe the hoard of Iron Age gold unearthed in a Winchester field was a gift from Julius Caesar to one of Britain's first kings.
The fine gold, incredible craftsmanship and a revised date now suggest the necklaces were made in the classical world and not Britain, as previously thought.
Dr Jeremy Hill, from the British Museum, believes it was a diplomatic gift from a Roman ruler, possibly Julius Caesar or Mark Antony, to an Iron Age king living near Winchester.
According to Winchester's top archaeologist, Dick Whinney, this may explain the lack of local opposition to the Roman invasion of 43AD.
The hoard, known as the Winchester Treasure, was discovered in 2000 in a ploughed field near Owslebury by Kevan Halls, a retired florist from West End, using a metal detector. Mr Halls received 350,000 for the find, which includes two gold necklace torcs, four gold brooches and two bangles.

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