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Cambodia uncovers hidden temples

Cambodia uncovers hidden temples
trefwoorden: Cambodja - tempels - Ta Lar Taly - 10e eeuw
Cambodian experts have uncovered seven ancient temples in the Siem Reap area that had been lost to the encroaching forest and years of civil war in the country, an official said today.
The most recently discovered temple, found in early September some 15 kilometres north of Angkor Wat, was a late-9th to early-10th century Brahman temple that was unrecorded in any known documents, the official said.
"We only just learned about it from villagers who went deep into the jungle and found this temple covered by forest," said Nim Son, deputy chief of the Culture Ministry's Siem Reap-Angkor Heritage Office.
"This is very important to show the world that there are so many other temples that still hide in the forest," he said. "We will ask authorities to protect and demine the area."

Lees verder bij: The Australian (10 september 2003)