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Plug pulled on stones funding

Plug pulled on stones funding
trefwoorden: Uk - England - Salisbury - Stonehenge - funding
Councillors in Amesbury have voted to scrap their funding towards the World Heritage Site after further concerns were raised about the proposed location of the controversial new Stonehenge visitor centre.
For the past two years, the town council has given a 1,000 grant towards the conservation of the Stonehenge landscape in conjunction with English Heritage.
But at a tense meeting last Tuesday, members decided to withdraw the cash while the wrangling over the plans for the separately funded Stonehenge project continues.
"I have always had reservations about supplying this sum of money," said Councillor John Noeken.
"We are talking about national organisations with projects nationwide, and it's not for the ratepayers of Amesbury to subsidise them."

Lees verder bij: Salisbury Journal (10 september 2003)