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Vikings and Romans

Vikings and Romans
trefwoorden: romeinse tijd - middeleeuwen - viking
There were 16 altogether and reached Harestanes Visitor Centre and a longed-for cup of tea after walking nearly five miles of Dere Street from Greenend crossroads south of St Boswells.
It was gently pointed out that Scottish Archaeology Month happened once a year, in September, and the Trimontium Trust hoped to be doing something like it next year. Then it was on to the tea and treacle cake, to recharge the batteries.
It was an enjoyable walk with a large local contingent from Melrose and district, and only one brave man from Edinburgh.
The two estate boundary stones were still there; the Ancrum/Maxton Parish Boundary Stone (a Roman road made by a good boundary); the standing stone circle; and there were good views of the Monteath Mausoleum, the Baron’s Folly and Wellington’s Pillar.

Lees verder bij: Border Telegraph (10 september 2003)