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Battle to uncover historic mural

Battle to uncover historic mural
trefwoorden: Schotland - Glasgow - 19e eeuw - muurschildering
It may be a Scottish national treasure and leading art historians are clamouring to investigate.
But for the trustees of one of Glasgow's oldest buildings, a 70ft-long mural that has lain hidden for more than a century is getting in the way of letting their hall out for beer and sandwich functions.
The work was uncovered by accident last month when workmen removed an old ventilation unit during the 1.3m renovation of the Trades Hall.
However, it is now hidden from view again as controversy rages over whether further investigations over possible restoration can be carried out.
Experts believe the mural was created in the 1830s by David Ramsay Hay, a pioneer of nineteenth-century interior decorating in Europe, and say further investigation should be conducted.

Lees verder bij: The Herald (8 september 2003)