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Ancient pirates of Antikythera

Ancient pirates of Antikythera
trefwoorden: Griekenland - Peloponnese - piraten - 1e eeuw BCE
A nest of ancient pirates who apparently preyed on Mediterranean shipping for nearly 300 years has emerged during excavations this summer on a remote island off the southeastern tip of the Peloponnese.
According to a Culture Ministry announcement yesterday, archaeologists digging at the ancient city of Antikythera since 2000 have located sanctuaries, a large public building and a wealth of missiles spear and arrow heads, slingshots and large catapult stones in the settlement identified as the city of Aegila mentioned in ancient sources. Antikythera controlled the strait between Kythera and western Crete, a crucial passage for shipping.

Lees verder bij: Kathimerini (september 2003)