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Putting the Queen of Sheba to the Test

Putting the Queen of Sheba to the test
trefwoorden: EthiopiŽ - Koningin van Sheba
Wars and calamities aside, civilizations have a way of sustaining themselves.
Ask Ricardo Eichmann, an archaeologist who is applying science to the story of the queen of Sheba, and has found no sign that she ever existed.
Eichmann is not the first skeptic to doubt the existence of the legendary monarch. But in speaking today at a symposium about the glamorous queen, the German archaeologist will add a degree of expertise that comes from a series of twice-yearly, two-month visits to the Middle East. His lecture also will focus on the ability of an ancient culture to thrive and overcome harsh natural challenges.

Lees verder bij: Washington Post (5 september 2003)