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Royal tombs of ancient rulers unearthed in Beijing

Royal tombs of ancient rulers unearthed in Beijing
trefwoorden: China - Peking - graftombes - koningen - 11e tot 17e eeuw
Archaeologists have said the royal tombs unearthed recently in a Beijing suburb belonged to the royal families of the Jin dynasty (1115-1234), which was founded by the minority ethnic group of Nuzhen.
Altogether 17 emperors were buried here including the famed historic figure Wanyan Aguda (1068-1123), founder of the dynasty, Beijing Cultural Heritage Institute director, Song Dachuan said.
Experts retrieved a wealth of relics from the tomb pits in the 60 square kilometre cemetery located in the Jiulong (nine dragons) mountains of the Fangshan district, in Southwestern Beijing, even though many of them were destroyed by the rulers of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) in 1622 and 1623.

Lees verder bij: Hindustan Times (7 september 2003)