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Israelites Found in Egypt

Israelites Found in Egypt
trefwoorden: Egypte Medinet Habu - Israelieten - hut - 1.000 BCE
Four-Room House Identified in Medinet Habu.
The history behind the biblical tradition of Israel in Egypt has always excited scholars and laymen alike. The subject may seem somewhat worn out, however, especially in view of the current “minimalist” tendencies in scholarship. I do not claim to be a Bible scholar myself—I am an Egyptologist. But sometimes an outsider can shed new light on an important subject. I hope that will be the case here.
Reed huts more than 3,000 years old belonging to workers—perhaps slaves—and with the same floor plan as ancient Israelite four-room houses have been identified at Medinet Habu, opposite Luxor in Egypt. These reed huts may represent extra-Biblical evidence of Israel in Egypt.

Lees verder bij: Biblical Archaeology (september 2003)