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Unique henge landscape must be preserved

Unique henge landscape must be preserved
trefwoorden: Engeland - Thornborough - steencirkel
Plans for further gravel extraction around a unique complex of henge monuments have led archaeologists to call for ancient landscapes to be preserved intact.
Comprised of three linked henge monuments, the 5000-year-old site at Thornborough, North Yorkshire is believed by archaeologists to be one of the most important ancient sites in the country.
Dr Mark Horton, Head of the Dept of Archaeology at the University of Bristol, and a recent visitor to the site told the 24 Hour Museum why the wider context is key to understanding ancient sites.
"Essentially, the problem is that these monuments can't just be sat in isolation, here is a henge lets draw a line around it and everything else can go," he said.

Lees verder bij: 24 hour museum (4 september 2003)