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Skulls found in Mexico suggest the early Americans...

Skulls found in Mexico suggest the early Americans would have said 'G'day mate'
trefwoorden: Mexico - prehistorie - oorsprong - indianen - Zuid-Pacific
The accepted theory of how prehistoric humans first migrated to America has been challenged by a study of an ancient set of bones unearthed in Mexico.
An analysis of 33 skulls found on the Mexican peninsula of Baja California suggests that the first Americans were not north Asians who crossed to the American continent about 12,000 years ago.
The skulls more closely resemble the present-day natives of Australia and the South Pacific, suggesting that there might have been an earlier movement to America across the Bering Strait separating modern Russia from Alaska.
The research, published in today's issue of the journal Nature, is the latest twist in the controversy over who were the first Americans and how did they arrive in the New World?

Lees verder bij: Independent (4 september 2003)