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Egypt: legal measures recovering smuggled antiquities

Egypt: legal measures recovering smuggled antiquities
trefwoorden: Egypte - smokkelwaar - Zwisterland - antiquiteiten
The Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) will start within the coming few days taking legal procedures to recover the Egyptian antiquities smuggled to Switzerland inside parcels.
A committee grouping architects and jurists will fly back from Switzerland next Wednesday where they sought recovery of about 280 pieces dating back to different eras.
A senior official from the SCA said the only way to recover these stolen antiquities is to hire a Swiss lawyer because the judiciary there will decide the fate of these antiquities.
He pointed out that Egypt has a better opportunity to recover them because Egypt and Switzerland had concluded a judicial cooperation agreement in addition to the Swiss authorities' decision to raise the time limit of claiming stolen antiquities from only 5 years to 30.

Lees verder bij: Egyptian State Information Service (2 september 2003)