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Senua, Britain's unknown goddess unearthed

Senua, Britain's unknown goddess unearthed
trefwoorden: Engeland - 3e eeuw - romeinse tijd - godin - keltisch
Clues to catastrophe after rare Roman temple treasure found.
She is faceless and armless, but she has a name: Senua. A previously unknown Romano-British goddess has been resurrected at the British Museum, patiently prised from soil-encrusted clumps of gold and corroded silver which have buried her identity for more than 1,600 years. Her name is published for the first time today.
The 26 pieces of gold and silver, found in a Hertfordshire field last year, are believed to be the treasures of a shrine in her honour, carefully hidden as some disaster loomed in the late 3rd century. The fact that they were never recovered suggests the protection of the goddess did nothing to save her conscientious devotee.

Lees verder bij: Guardian Unlimited (1 september 2003)