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'Don't destroy this Stonehenge of the North'

'Don't destroy this Stonehenge of the North'
trefwoorden: UK - Nosterfield - steencirkel - nieuwe ijzertijd
Plans to begin quarrying in a new area close to important Neolithic henges near Nosterfield are to be submitted to the council within the next few months, an action group formed to protect them has learned.
Jon Lowry, chairman of the Friends of the Thornborough Henges, has received a letter confirming that Tarmac Northern Ltd, which is already quarrying in other areas around the henges, "is shortly to submit a planning application for the Ladybridge Farm area."
The news has confirmed the worst fears of the Friends, who feel the application is the next stage in what they say is the alarming rate of destruction of the 'Stonehenge of the North' all in the name of extracting gravel for the building industry.

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