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The Old Testament wars: Is the Bible history or fiction?

The Old Testament wars: Is the Bible history or fiction?
trefwoorden: Bijbel - oude testament - evangeliŽn
New archaeology, revisionist interpretations confront traditional interpretations.
In the history of the Jews, the first five books of the Bible, known as the Torah, have acquired a unique significance. They are for the orthodox believer not only sacred, as representing divine truth, but they are its very embodiment, as if God spoke directly through these words. For centuries scholars have mined and disputed the interpretation of this text, a task given urgency by the belief in its divine origin.
Today, as in the case of the Gospels in the New Testament, the historical accuracy of these works has become a major battlefield. While the majority view of scholars working in the field, both Jewish and Christian, is that there is a growing body of archaeological findings that support the historical truth of the text, there is also a substantial body of revisionists who attack the idea that there is any evidence at all that the first five books of the Hebrew Bible are historically accurate.

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