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Important Indian earthworks still exist in state

Important Indian earthworks still exist in state
trefwoorden: VS - Louisiana - aarden heuvels - indianen - 4.000 BCE
Thousands of years before the construction of Stonehenge in England or the Egyptian pyramids, prehistoric Americans were building earthen structures.
Today, these mounds yield evidence of peoples who were both primitive and sophisticated, nomadic and yet builders. The best archaeological evidence available indicates this mound-building trend probably began right here in Louisiana.
“At some time around 4000 B.C., the people who lived in North America started building these earthworks,” state archaeologist Thomas Eubanks said. “As far as we know, the oldest sites in North America are here in Louisiana.”
The purpose of the mounds often remains a mystery, he said. Some may have served ceremonial or political purposes. Some may have provided high points on which to locate huts. A few later ones served as burial sites, but not as many as people usually think, and archeologists are finding evidence linking the mounds to astronomy.

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