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Valley of Kings online

Valley of Kings online
trefwoorden: Egypte - website - Valley of Kings - Thebe
The Theban Mapping Project has been working to establish a comprehensive database of the Valley of the Kings in Egypt for the past 23 years.
It has now launched an interactive website (www.thebanmappingproject.com) that presents its work with state of the art virtual technology. The site includes an interactive atlas of more than 250 tomb mappings; 66 narrated tours of the Valley including a 3D exploration of one of the largest tombs, KV14; a database of some 2,000 images, and articles about the site including a glossary, bibliography and timeline. Details of KV5, the tomb belonging to the sons of Pharaoh Rameses II which was discovered by Dr Weeks in 1995, are also online.

Bron: The Art Newspaper (31 augustus 2003)