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Chinese stone gives bridge width

Chinese stone gives bridge width
trefwoorden: Schotland - brug - China - steen
A historic bridge in what was once the heartland of Scotlandís granite industry will reopen to traffic after seven years today - thanks to 200 tonnes of stone imported from China.
Methlick Bridge, which spans the River Ythan on the Methlick to New Deer road, was built in 1844 by the Earl of Aberdeen near his Haddo Estate and was designed by the famous father and son team of architects, John and William Smith.
The granite and cast-iron bridge had to be closed to vehicles in 1996 after being weakened by the constant pressures of modern traffic.
It is reopening after the completion of a £1million restoration project by Aberdeenshire Council.
Engineers began strengthening, widening and refurbishing the List B bridge 14 months ago after funding was secured, with the aid of a grant from Historic Scotland. But they hit a major stumbling block when it came to replacing parts of the massive masonry arches which support the structure.

Lees verder bij: Scotsman.com (29 augustus 2003)