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9,000 year-old axe unearthed at Culmore

9,000 year-old axe unearthed at Culmore
trefwoorden: Ierland - Culmore - oude steentijd - bijl - 7.000 BCE
An exciting archaeological discovery has been made at Culmore in Derry by two men who stumbled across a large stone artefact.
It pre-dates the Egyptian Pyramids by a few thousand years.
When Frank Gillespie began work on his garden wall in Culmore he had little idea that just below his feet lay a large stone axe estimated to be around 8-9,000 years-old.
Frank's father Hugh Gillespie, of Lone Moor Road, had been digging the foundation for the wall when he unearthed the ancient tool.
"My father found it and left it to one side, paying little notice, but when I spotted it I knew it was some kind of artefact as it was chipped from work," said Frank (38).
"We were in the back garden digging a foundation for a small wall at the time - we weren't looking for anything," added the electronics engineer.
The Clonliffe Park resident said that the future of the axe will now be left in the hands of the local archaeologists, Ian Leitch and Tommy Gallagher, who investigated and verified the find.

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