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Roman ruins dug up at campus site

Roman ruins dug up at campus site
trefwoorden: Edinburgh - romeinse tijd - ru´ne - 3e eeuw
A section of Roman road, ancient pottery and defensive ditches have been discovered near an ancient settlement in Edinburgh.
Archaeologists discovered the large cobbled area and three ditches during an excavation of the old Moray House site in Cramond Road North in the north-west of the city.
A number of artefacts such as shards of amphora - narrow-necked jars commonly used for storing wine, oil and water - were also found at the site, along with pottery and metal work.
Experts believe the area marked the outer "suburbs" of a Roman settlement and surrounded the 1800-year-old Roman fort.
Now, city officials have invited the public to view the remains tomorrow before developers transform the former university campus into 155 homes.
The findings of the excavation will be recorded for posterity by archaeologists as the developers, Bryant Homes and AMA (New Town), prepare to start work on the multi-million pound project.

Lees verder bij: Edinburgh News (29 augustus 2003)