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Bronze Age rockart

Bronze Age rockart
trefwoorden: bronstijd - nieuwe steentijd - rotskunst - cirkels
A holiday maker has stumbled upon elaborate carvings believed to date back to the Bronze Age on a large granite stone at Gorleston beach.
The man spotted the markings, which were gouged deep into a rock used as part of the sea defence to protect the promenade and sea wall, and reported his findings to the Norfolk Archaeological Unit.
Archaeological enthusiasts from the unit visited Gorleston beach to carry out further analysis of the stone carvings and were extremely excited by the revelation.
Experts believe that the markings, including a circular motif, are genuine and have rejected the possibility that they could be an elaborate hoax.
Experienced archaeologist Brian Ayers from the archaeological unit said: "Rock art is notoriously difficult to date but this is likely to be Neolithic or early Bronze Age in date.

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