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Glaciers dominated L.A. skyline

Glaciers dominated L.A. skyline
trefwoorden: USA - Los Angelos - gletsers - 3.000 BCE
Despite its palm-lined boulevards, Hollywood was just miles from glaciers as little as 5,000 years ago, according to California geologists.
Using a new technique to measure how long glacier-strewn boulders have been ice-free, geologist Lewis Owen of the University of California at Riverside and colleagues have discovered there were several glacial periods on San Gorgonio Mountain immediately northeast of Los Angeles.
"The ultimate aim is to determine the fluctuation of the ice sheets and climate during the last glacial period," Owen said. That, in turn, might help sort out how future global climate changes could play out on local climates.

Lees verder bij: Discovery News (27 augustus 2003)