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Archaeologists uncover unique early Christian tomb in Sofia

Archaeologists uncover unique early Christian tomb in Sofia
trefwoorden: Sofia - Bulgarije - vroeg-christlijk - graftombe - 4e eeuw
Archaeologists uncovered in downtown Sofia on Wednesday a unique early Christian tomb dating from the 4th century A.D.
Workers repairing the city's steam heating network came across the tomb by chance during excavations to lay down new pipes, architect Vasil Kitov said.
"The tomb is unique because it contains incredible accumulations of cultural and historical information," Kitov said.
He would not immediately divulge details about the objects that researchers found inside.
"This tomb deserves to be present not only in the Bulgarian but in the world tourist guides too," Kitov said. The tomb is located underground in front of the entrance of Sofia's ancient St. Sofia church at the heart of the city.
St. Sofia is the newest of five early Christian churches built at the spot at an area of 1,000 square meters (1,200 square yard), archaeologist Galya Trifonova said.

Lees verder bij: Bulgarian News Network ( augustus 2003)