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'Virgins' First To Settle Las Vegas?

'Virgins' first to settle Las Vegas?
trefwoorden: Las Vegas - 4e eeuw - nederzetting
Evidence for the earliest known dwelling in the vicinity of Las Vegas suggests that the current casino and nightclub hotspot was first settled around A.D. 400 by Native Americans.
They may have come from the Virgin Branch of Anasazi (early Puebloans), the Mojave, the Paiutes or another unidentified group. The Virgin Branch of Anasazi is suspected because at around the same time, they were present along the nearby Virgin River, the Muddy River and parts of the Colorado River.
Archaeologists found the prehistoric structure, a Native American pit house, along the banks of the Las Vegas Wash. The Wash is upstream from the city development.

Lees verder bij: Discovery News (27 augustus 2003)