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Uncovered trove may yield clues to pharaohs

Uncovered trove may yield clues to pharaohs
trefwoorden: Egypte - groeve - farao - Aswandam
When the Aswan High Dam was built across the Upper Nile in the 1960's, international teams managed to rescue ancient temples and other monuments from the rising waters upstream.
They were moved and restored to dry land.
A less grand but important Aswan site avoided submersion but not the neglect of years. Only recently have Egyptian archaeologists begun work on a major quarry that yielded the black granite for the sarcophagi, statues and enormous obelisks.
Sediment and debris buried the quarry floor. Once it was cleared, archaeologists found pits in the shapes of the extracted obelisks and materials for removing and finishing the stone. They also uncovered remains of the harbor where boats picked up the stones.

Lees verder bij: New York Times Science (27 augustus 2003)