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China protects largest mausoleum compound of Tibetan kings

China protects largest mausoleum compound of Tibetan kings
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The Chinese government is investing 45 million yuan to protect the largest group of mausoleums of ancient Tibetan kings, located in Khyonggyal County in the Tibet Autonomous Region.
Covering a total area of 385 sq m, the nine mausoleums are the last resting places of the 29th to 40th (and last) Tibetan kings, their wives and senior officials of the Tubo Kingdom (700-900).
Among these mausoleums is that of Songtsan Gambo, the most famous Tibetan king because of his epoch-making marriage with Princess Wencheng of the early Tang Dynasty (618-907) when Tibet was a dependency under the jurisdiction of the dynasty.
According to Puncog-Wangdue, head of the county, the projects for the tomb's protection have already been launched, and a planned road running through the area has been re-routed so as to preserve the harmony of the scenery.

Lees verder bij: People Daily (24 augustus 2003)