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Lion to take pride of place at Roman ruins

Lion to take pride of place at Roman ruins
trefwoorden: Schotland - Cramond Leeuwin - 4e eeuw - romeinse tijd
The Cramond Lioness was hailed as one of the most important finds for decades when it was unearthed in 1997.
It lay beneath the waters of the River Almond for 1500 years before being dragged from the mud and put on display in the Museum of Scotland.
But now the Cramond Lioness is set to be returned to its rightful home as part of a 2 million vision for an exhibition to showcase the Roman ruins near where it was found.
The statue is expected to form the centrepiece of the new attraction under plans unveiled by city leaders today.
The blueprint, which is expected to be approved by councillors on Tuesday, will also see the 1800-year-old Roman fort near Cramond Kirk and the nearby bath house restored.

Lees verder bij: Edinburgh Evening News Online (21 augustus 2003)