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Church 'never persecuted Galileo Galilei'

Church 'never persecuted Galileo Galilei'
trefwoorden: 17e eeuw - Galilei - kerk - vervolging
The belief that the Catholic Church persecuted Galileo Galilei for pointing out that the earth goes round the sun was quite wrong.
The nw secretary of the Vatican's Doctrinal Congregation, Archbishop Angelo Amato, has claimed.
Citing a letter recently discovered in the Vatican's archive, Archbishop Amato, who heads the body formerly known as the Holy Office or the Inquisition, said it proved that the church had treated him very well.
The letter, sent by the Commissioner of the Holy Office to Cardinal Francesco Barberini in 1633, expressed the pope's concern that the trial of the scientist accused of heresy be concluded quickly as his health was poor.

Lees verder bij: IOL (24 augustus 2003)