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Going back to a forgotten era

Going back to a forgotten era
trefwoorden: Sri Lanka - Ceylon - Nederland - 17e/18e eeuw
Dutch Period Museum: Little is it known that Sri Lanka's Dutch heritage still exerts a considerable influence on our national life.
Whether it be in the spheres of law, language or cuisine, Dutch influence is still considerable despite the fact that the Hollanders left our golden shores centuries ago.
Their sway over the country's maritime provinces from 1658 to 1796 is however reflected not only in Roman Dutch Law, culinary fare and numerous loan-words of Dutch origin, but also in tangible artefacts, the relicts, so to say, of Dutch rule in the island. Whether it be grand old buildings with gabled roofs, rounded pillars and spacious verandahs, sturdy furniture that has withstood the test of time or the large assortment of copper coins with their characteristic VOC monogram, the remnants of Dutch rule are here to stay.

Lees verder bij: Sunday Observer (23 augustus 2003)