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Unique discovery at archaeology site in Bulgaria

Unique discovery at archaeology site in Bulgaria
trefwoorden: ThraciŽ - Bulgarije - werkplaats - been - 3400 BCE
A unique ancient workshop for bone articles which had no parallel in antique Thrace.
It was unearthed in the vicinity of village Sveshtari in northeast Bulgaria which is famous for the royal tomb discovered there a few years ago.
The team of archaeologist Dr. Totko Stoyanov from the Sofia University came across exceptional finds which date back to the fourth and the beginning of the third century B.C. In the unique workshop, the expedition unearthed elements used to make weapons and decorations together with amphorae with preserved stamps from the Greek islands of Rhodes, Thasos and Sinope.

Lees verder bij: Novinite (23 augustus 2003)