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Two Roman heads discovered in Pantelleria

Two Roman heads discovered in Pantelleria
trefwoorden: SiciliŽ - ItaliŽ - marmer - hoofden - 5e eeuw
After the discovery of the bronze dancing Satyr in Mazara del Vallo, by Greek sculptor Prassitele, Sicily reveals a new rarity.
Two marble heads dated 4th, 5th c. AD discovered in Pantelleria inside a cistern located in the Roman acropolis. The official presentation is scheduled tonight at the Arenella museum and will be attended by Sicily's Governor Salvatore Cuffaro, and Regional Heritage Councillor Fabio Granata. The event will also be attended by the Speaker of the Lower House Pier Ferdinando Casini, who has been spending his holidays on the island. According to experts the busts portray emperor Claudius and his wife Agrippina. They are made of solid local marble and were perfectly preserved after they fell inside a water cistern. The new items are set to take centre stage as part of the region's archaeological museum in Pantelleria. The excavation campaign in Pantelleria, is funded by the regional government and are managed by chief archaeologists Sebastiano Tusa, Thomas Schaefer and Massimo Osanna.

Gelezen bij: Agi (22 augustus 2003)